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    Jacques Floret The artist draw a long serie of portrait of people with their dog. Jacques Floret used his strong sens of humour and did all the drawings with a 4 colour pen.

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    Harvey Benge Keherer Edition   144 pages    30,5x24cm   2010 The photographer returned to the places where he grew up in New Zealand.This book is a long research of the Harvey Benge memory.  

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    Bruno Hadjadj 2006 Editions spree 21x15 cm   120pages Saturday October 14, 2006, the visual artist stayed 48 hours outside of the punk rock legendary club, the CBGB. During that performance, he recorded the portraits and personnal stories of the people who created the club and came to say bye bye to the place.

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    Bruno Aveillan 200 pages, 29 x 22,5 cm, 2012   Editions "Au delà du raisonnable"  Two days before the opening of Die Fledermaus, on 17 March 2010, his presence comes as a surprise to everyone backstage. Authorized to capture a rare and intimate dimension of this legendary theatre, the artist returns adventure on the other side...

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